Our Emphases

Holy Trinity Church is a community of believers who meet in Colville, WA. We begin each week with serious worship and then, by the grace of God, joyfully work to extend that worship into every day of the week through our families and callings. We have a number of emphases that you will notice if you spend enough time with us.

First and foremost is a desire for our lives to evidence a practical Christianity. Biblical teaching which is not lived out is worse than useless; consequently, there is a clear stress on practical obedience to the Word of God.

A second emphasis is on the family. We seek to cultivate the Bible’s high view of children and the importance of a thoroughly Christian education for them.

A third emphasis is the importance of a solid and defined doctrinal foundation on which to build our lives as Christians. As evangelical Christians we stand in the stream of historic Protestant orthodoxy, and are seeking to build upon that foundation. We invite you to examine our Confession of Faith and Constitution.

A fourth emphasis is on the catholicity of the Christian church. We are not sectarian, and look with grief upon unnecessary divisions in Christ’s church. We desire to display a practical unity with other faithful churches. We do not believe that means discarding our beliefs, but being willing to strive together with other orthodox Christian churches by patiently working over the long-term for the unity that Christ desires.

There is much more to say, but we invite you to come and taste.